I’ve Ponied Up…..

That’s right kids, I’m in the big leagues now.  I forked over the $26 a year to lose the “WordPress” in the site’s URL.  I’m now the proud owner of baroqueweirdos.com.  This may or may not mean that I’ll update the site more frequently, but at least there’s less typing for y’all.


The Hype is Still Not To Be Believed…..

So yesterday I wrote about a protest I happened to find myself near.  Last night a friend posted this news story describing the event.  From the photos, it appears that some people (“dozens”, according to the story) did, in fact, show up.  The initial article I read – which has since been edited – only stated that the NAACP was there to protest the statue and ask to have it removed.  Nowhere in the original article or its edit was anything mentioned about adding a memorial to the slaves that were sold on the courthouse grounds. Read More

Don’t Believe the Hype…..

Today was a beautiful Saturday.  I woke up nice and late, had some coffee, and took my truck to a friend’s garage to have some work done.  The wife suggested that we head to Leesburg for lunch before going home.  Little did we know the hotbed of racial unrest we were about to enter. Read More

Yes, it’s been a while

All apologies to the handfull of people who actually follow this blog.  I’ve had a mid-life career change that’s consumed a ton of time.  Unfortunately, that means my free time to muse and rant has suffered.  Fear not, I’m not abandoning ship.  I need to figure out how to use my phone to transcribe my stream-of-consciousness dictations, so I can make my commute more productive.

I will say though that even though I’m currently engulfed in work, I’m happier than I’ve ever been (as far as work is concerend), and I have plenty of stories to tell.

Until next time….

You need a KLR

Yes, in fact, everyone does.  But we’ll get to that.

Everyone should own a motorcycle at least once in their life, and they should ride on the street in traffic.  I’d even suggest that the motorcycle curriculum and testing be wrapped into the automotive curriculum and testing.  There’s enough overlap there that the skills tests are really the only difference. Read More

What is Love?

It’s funny how attached people become to inanimate objects.  But start talking trash about a man’s truck, motorcycle, guitar, or gun, and see how quickly he rises to its defense.  I’ve felt this same attachment to all those things….My 2002 Silverado that I foolishly traded in on something newer, my 2005 Night Train that’ll go to the grave with me, The ’77 Les Paul Custom that I can’t seem to part with, and my ancient Mossburg 500 that I bought for a song.   Read More